Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Sessions

Taking the first step to work with a sex coach can help you re-connect with your body, feel pleasure, love and connection with your partner and step into your poweful, authentic self. I hold a safe, private and non-judgmental space for you to open up about your sexuality and what is holding you back. My approach is light and humorous but there will be times I will push your boundaries to explore more deeply and hold you accountable to acheive your goals. Here are some examples of excercises, obstacles and goals of my students:

Letting go of shame, guilt and "shoulds" that keep us stuck

​Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR): observing our judgements and values around sexuality and personal relationships

Building sexual confidence through self-love

Clear communication: Shamlessly asking for exactly what you want; listening without judgement

Respecting and pushing boundaries: the dance of submission and control 

Re-igniting passion in marriage and partnerships 

Exploring kink, BDSM, role play and power games

Opening up a marriage, non-monogamy, polyamory and new relationship paradigms

Erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, sex and aging

Menopause, vaginimous, painful intercourse

Practicing tantra through breathwork (the path to full-body orgasms without intercourse)

Mastering the art of self-pleasure

Using porn in healthy ways

LGBTQ relationships: coming out as queer, trans, gay, bi or gender fluid

Feeling confident and sexy in the body you're in right now

  • Sessions take place over video or phone if you prefer. My general schedule for sessions is 10am-7pm Pacific Standard Time, Sunday through Wednesday. 

  • I prefer to meet on a weekly basis so I can best understand your obstacles, what you would like to master and your goals. I give individualized coaching assignments between sessions. However, you can also book a one-time session to ask basic questions about sex. 

  • I coach adults (21+).