I mentor newbies who are figuring out their nieche and where they want to go; To the other end of the spectrum, I coach established professionals who want to re-brand upscale or take their business in a different direction and find new clientel. 


Marketing and Branding

Finding your authentic voice in a fantasy world

Creating a professional website

Ad and website copy

Photography and video

Focusing on your niche

Figuring out your rate 

Services you want to advertise 

Where to advertise

Free advertising (Social media 101)

Staying 'on brand' on your social media and advertsing

How to fly under 'Big Brother' radar (avoid getting your account banned)

Switching focus from everyone to just find a few great regulars

Multiple streams of income

Paying your taxes and creating a "vanilla" company as a cover

Investing to retire from the industry

Safety practice for in-person professionals*

Screening potential clients

Spotting time wasters

Learning to hear your own 'No'

Training your 'Spidey' senses to spot red flags

Blacklist sites, apps and how to use them

Creating and enforcing boundaries with your clients

Ways to get paid

Taking deposits

Getting comfortable speaking on the phone to potential clients


Where to meet clients

Dining and traveling with clients

Staying safe on the internet 

Staying Sane 

There's a lot of stigma and sometimes lonliness in the industry. We often work alone and may not be able to share what we do for work with family or friends. We give do much physical and emotional labor with our clients, we often foget about the inportance of self-care. While I am not a licenced therapist, I am a former in-person sex worker with a decade of experience. I can empathize with feeling alone, carrying around the heavy burden of secrets and feeling burn-out. I offer a safe space to open up, cry, get angry, laugh about things that went wrong, share your dreams, ask questions and be heard. I also can refer you to other sex-positive resources and professionals. I also offer coaching on how to 'come out' as a sex worker to your family, partner or potential partners if you're dating.

In-person workers who meet with clients one-on-one in a private setting have a different set of risks than workers who strictly work online or in a club. They include escorts, dominatrixes, tantra and erotic massage providers, 'sugar' arrangements.


Session fees 

In your initial contact, we will set up an introduction call (over phone video) so I can best understand your goals, what type of work you do and come up with a plan to see how I can help your business succeed, or just be a confidante. 

Individual sessions by phone or video, $250 | 75 minutes

Thirty days of mentoring, money making magic

We connect twice a week to keep you on track and put your goals into action. You will have assignments to complete between sessions.

Four weekly sessions by video or phone and four email follow-ups 


I do offer sliding scale fees for Black, Brown and Indigenous women/femme folk.

Don't ever forget my babes: Sex Work is WORK and YOU"RE WORTH IT

(also F the patriarchy... I mean for money

Contact me to set up an introduction call.