Melissa Mermin
Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSB)

Holistic Sexuality Health & Wellness  
Sex and Relationship Coaching

Sexological Bodywork
One-on-one and custom-tailored workshops

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known.

 -Brene Brown

Remote video or phone sessions
In-person sessions in Portland Oregon
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Sex, Intimacy + Relationship Coaching 

  •  Letting go of shame, guilt and "shoulds"

  • Building sexual confidence

  • Shamelessly asking for what you want

  • Re-igniting passion in marriage and partnerships

  • Practice and rituals being connected to your partner

  • Kink, FLR, D/s role playing and power exchange

  • Opening up a marriage, non-monogamy, polyamory

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) issues

  • Performance anxiety

  • Sexuality and aging bodies

  • Menopause, vaginismus, painful intercourse, HRT

  • Learning self-pleasure, letting go of shame

  • Coming out as queer, trans, gay, bi or non-bianary

  • Coming out as a sex worker

  • Feeling confident and sexy in your body right now 

You may not even know what you want, what questions to ask, or might feel shameful or unworthy asking for what you really desire. Taking the first step to work with a sex and intimacy coach can help you re-connect with your body, feel pleasure, love and connection with your partner and step into your power as your fully self-expressed authentic self. 


 My Evolution Story

In my "civilian" job I was working as a freelance photojournalist in a long established career. As that career cooled down, I hid out from the world for years in a deep depression, but that darkness turned on the light of introspection. It brought me to explore the shadow side of my love life, sexuality, partnerships and why I was hiding. After attending  workshops on love and sex that opened my heart, psychotherapy that helped heal childhood trauma and personal coaching to regain my business focus, l began to let go of my shame and felt a calling to heal the touch-starved, sexually shamed world. In 2015 I completed the somatic sex educator (Sexological Bodyworker, CSB) intensive course through IASHS. I did more hands-on learning sacred sexuality, shadow work and "dark" tantra through Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional training program . Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent course for professionals taught me to really understand the nuance of giving and receiving, how to ask for what you want and maintaining clear boundaries with yourself and your clients.


I've integrated my life as a sex educator, digital media artist, writer, sex worker rights advocate and sexual revolutionist. What's remained consistent in the journey is my bad-ass community who've inspire me to bloom even bigger. We're smashing censorship, the patriarchy and stigma every day. Revealing our authentic selves, being sensual and sexy in any sized body, gender expression, middle-aged or old without apology. Getting naked on the internet, monetizing our sexuality and building wealth on our terms while still being a powerful force for change, acceptance and equality.

Let's Stay In Touch

I'm not taking any new coaching clients at this time. However, I do have colleagues that may be able to work with you remotely. Check out my list of sex-positive resources.


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