Let go of Shame

unconditionally fall in love with yourself
know your turn-on
become a masterful lover
keep passion alive in marriage and partnerships
get what you really desire

Are You Ready to Evolve Your Erotic Life?

Melissa M. Rosen

Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSB)

Melissa M. Rosen, trauma-informed sexuality, intimacy & relationship coach

Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coach

For women, couples and LGBTQ individuals

Sessions by video or phone

Intimacy can’t be learned from reading a book or just talking to a therapist.

It’s learned by experience in the body and mind with a sex and relationship coach who will guide you through authentic connection, being present, touching and being touched, giving and receiving, erotic embodiment and  practicing new ways of relating and asking for what you want.

  • Experience more love in your life
  • Enhance sexual touch, intimacy, and arousal
  • Turn a “sex-less marriage” into a new relationship with the same partner
  • Negotiate sexual needs within partnerships
  • Identify relationship patterns that keep you stuck
  • Body acceptance and love
  • Explore fantasy, role play, kink, BDSM and  personal “taboo”
  • Transform shame
  • Practice new sensual techniques, erotic skills, become a better lover
  • Giving and receiving touch
  • Non-monogamy, opening up a marriage, navigating polyamorous relationships
  • Navigate open relationships with honesty
  • Identify your boundaries and how to clearly communicate them
  • Asking for what you really want and communicate with your partner
  • How to use your words to seduce and turn on your partner
  • Dating after divorce or break up
  • Guidance on dating and social skills to attract a partner
  • Coping with past sexual trauma, painful intercourse, vaginismus
  • Breathing practices for more pleasure during sex
  • Coping with erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Mastering orgasm and multi-orgasmic practice

“Melissa, I just wanted to say thank you, the workshop was nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced. I woke up in joyful tears this morning…thank you for bringing me clarity and expanding my universe. After so much self-defeating, I think might be falling in love with myself..”-Neal, computer engineer, Seattle

“My wife and I have always wanted to explore sex with other couples but didn’t know how to bring it up. We were referred to Melissa from a friend and she helped us listen to one another without past judgement…” -Michael and Kim, (married 19 years) Napa, CA

“I had a lot of anxiety around touch that was getting in the way of connecting with men. My body felt numb, especially my pelvic area, after I was assaulted by a man at a party last year. My therapist referred me to Melissa, who was very patient with me. She taught me self touch to heal, love myself and re-connect with my heart. I’m starting to feel like a whole person again. Thank you!” Maria, San Francisco

Are you ready to evolve your love life, intimacy with your partner and become a masterful lover? Contact me here.

Melissa M. Rosen is a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker™(CSB). Sessions are all online. She is not a medical doctor, therapist, psychologist, LMT or surrogate partner.